• Tickets for our end of year concerts go on sale this Sunday. Please check the concert pack at to double check exactly which concert (or concerts) your children are performing in.


  • As the largest performing arts studio in Macarthur, we have been requiring five concerts for a few years, and this year we require six concerts, mostly because of the limited seating capacity with the Covid restrictions. We know this is less than ideal for some families with children across age groups, needing to buy tickets to multiple shows, but unfortunately this is simply unavoidable – especially this year.


  • There is an initial purchase limit of 6 tickets per family per concert. This is CRUCIAL for us to be able to ensure every child gets a fair opportunity to have people in the audience supporting them, and every parent gets to watch their child.



  • And the times that each show goes on sale is as follows:


Concert #1 >> Link to ticket sales is

Concert #2 >> Link to ticket sales is

Concert #3 >> Link to ticket sales is

Concert #4 >> Link to ticket sales is

Concert #5 >> Link to ticket sales is

Concert #6 >> Link to ticket sales is


  • Tickets will also be available at the studio, you can order them during reception hours from the beginning of next week (subject to availability)


  • We would like to point out that over 20% of the seats are cheaper than last year’s ticket prices, and approx. 40% of the seats are within a couple of dollars of last year’s ticket prices. We do however also have B-Reserve and A-Reserve options for those who prefer premium seating. It has been our goal to try and provide a suitable solution for a variety of different budgets.


  • Due to the pandemic, the venue is only able to operate at 50% capacity, which makes covering hire and production costs particularly challenging this year. This is one of the reasons we are unable to provide any discount for aged pensioners or children. The venue simply counts every person requiring a seat towards the restricted numbers. Children ages 3 and below, who can sit on a lap, won’t require a ticket.


  • When booking tickets, you will be able to select which PRICING GROUP is best for you, and then which SECTION is preferred. You will not however be able to select specific seat numbers. This is because the venue requires us to group families together, and the only way we can do this is by customising the seating map after ticket sales. The ACTUAL printed tickets will be available to pick up a couple of weeks before concert, at our reception desk.


  • The online booking system will limit each transaction to a maximum of 6 tickets per show. You will also be prompted to write your child’s name, so that we can keep track of how many tickets have been purchased to support each performer. Ticket purchases exceeding the limit of 6 per family per show, will be cancelled and refunded.


  • If there are seats available after the first week of ticket sales, we will allow those interested in additional tickets the option to purchase any that are leftover.


  • Please take extra care when booking, because it won’t be possible for us to “move” tickets from one concert to another if the wrong show has been booked.

  • If anyone is requiring a wheelchair accessible seat, they will need to book in section 7, 8, 9 or 10 - and then email AFTER booking the tickets, to notify us to make one of those wheelchair accessible. 


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