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Everyone is talking about the amazing READY SET DANCE classes at Commotion. READY SET DANCE in an amazing pre-school dance program designed especially for boys and girls aged 2 to 5 years old. This is a one hour combo class that includes jazz, tap, hip hop, singing, music and a whole lot of fun. 


The READY SET DANCE students are going to LOVE....

    • Busting out their hip hop moves

    • Singing like a star

    • Joining the puppet show

    • Skipping along fairytale lane

    • Floating on their yoga cloud

    • Learning rhythm on our animal safari

    • Jumping in puddles with their tap shoes

    • Playing with our parachutes

    • Going bananas with all of our cool music


READY SET DANCE is a performing arts syllabus designed specifically for preschoolers by expert youth dance educators. This brilliant program has become a huge phenomenon across Australia with more than 80 dance schools on board. Commotion is proud to be the exclusive READY SET DANCE studio for the Camden/Narellan area.


With a major emphasis on fun and creating confident little people, this syllabus is the first stepping stone on your child’s dance journey. We just know it will be your child’s favourite hour of the week. This class is not only an introduction to dance but a place to grow, learn and make friends. READY SET DANCE is the perfect way to start developing the co-ordination skills that form technique foundations and are the basics of dance classes.


Boys and girls love READY SET DANCE. The music is a mix of traditional songs and the latest hits that kids love. There’s something for everyone. The READY SET DANCE mascots are ‘Twirl’ and ‘Freeze’, who will be making a guest appearance at our end of year concert.


Cost per week for READY SET DANCE is $15 (including GST)

READY SET BALLET is a unique class, created to make Ballet really fun for our youngest students. Through story-telling, dance adventures and games, the gorgeous little ballerinas learn beautiful movements and develop their dance technique.


It’s so easy to fall in love with Ballet and dance when you have passionate teachers who are kind and nurturing. Our passionate and dedicated READY SET BALLET teachers love to inspire, teach and create the next generation of talented Commotion Kids.


Using exclusive Australian-produced music that has been written to appeal specifically to pre-schoolers, this 30- minute class incorporates magic wands, fairy dust, ribbons, balloons, butterfly wings and dolls.


READY SET BALLET learn important techniques like pliés, turn out and pointed toes as they are introduced to the magical world of Ballet, providing solid technique foundations to help our young dancers excel in all styles of dance when they're older.


There’s no chance of ever being bored in a READY SET BALLET class when you’re flying on a magic carpet, tracing rainbows, catching butterflies and being a mermaid.


Every READY SET BALLET class is scheduled directly before or after READY SET DANCE so it is the perfect addition to our READY SET DANCE program, or it can be a stand-alone class for those little ones who only want to do Ballet.


Boys are also welcome in our READY SET BALLET class, and our clever teachers incorporate elves, princes, wizards and toy soldiers into the narrative of the lesson.


Your child will feel like a real ballerina and will adore every moment of our new READY SET BALLET class.



Cost per week for READY SET BALLET is $11 (including GST)



Read our INFO PACK with pricing and policies.


#1 - Can parents watch the class?

We have found that our students focus better in class and learn more when they can be in the studio without any distractions. We have a variety of strategies and processes to help ease separation anxiety. Parents are welcome to wait in our comfortable waiting room with big screen TVs live streaming from the CCTV cameras in the classrooms.


#2 - How do we pay?

Payment can be made in 2 ways


Parents fill out the INTEGRAPAY form (available at reception) and set up DIRECT DEBIT from your credit card or direct from your account. You have the choice of selecting weekly, fortnightly, monthly or per term for your payments. This splits the annual bill across 52 weeks, 6 fortnights or 12 months, spreading the costs out evenly, which makes it easier to budget. It’s a simple system that helps us ensure that all fees are paid on time, and makes it easy for parents so that once they’ve set it up they don’t have to worry about it again.


There is an 88c fee per transaction from bank accounts, or a 33c + 1.87% fee per transaction from credit cards. American Express credit cards incur a 33c + 3.5% fee. These convenience fees are charged directly by our merchant services and are standard across all direct debit service providers. To minimise these as much as possible we recommend choosing the monthly option with a bank account. There is also a one-off $2.20 set up fee charged by Integrapay.


This option also allows parents to have the peace of mind that they can cancel the enrolment at any time in the year. However, If there is any cancellation of enrolment, or change to your package, 2 weeks notice is required. Please note there are strictly no refunds, or exchanges between students or siblings.



Parents can choose to apply to become a V.I.P (very impeccable payer). This is a contract to pay the full year of fees - split into 4 even payments, each one due BEFORE the commencement of each term. Payments can be made with cash (preferred) or cheque, card, eftpos or bank transfer. A 5% discount (for each payment made on time) is offered to those who sign a VIP contract. Any payment made after the term has begun will not be eligible for the discount – strictly no exceptions under any circumstances. Any payment made more than 7 days after the official due date will be subject to a 5% (of quarterly payment) administration surcharge. If a payment is more than 14 days overdue another 5% administration surcharge is added to the account, the VIP contract is suspended and the parent is required to sign up for Integrapay, to pay the remaining balance off over the rest of the year, along with any administration surcharge incurred.


On this option, the cancellation, or package reduction windows are at the end of each term. Those adding to their package simply pay the difference up-front, calculated prorate.

#3 - What happens if we join and my child decides they don't want to do it anymore?

We have a two week money-back satisfaction guarantee for all new students. Additionally enrolment can be cancelled at anytime throughout the year with two weeks notice. There is no cancellation fee.  

04      What happens if my child misses a class?

It’s no problem. We have multiple sessions in the weekly schedule, so your child can attend any of the other classes as a makeup lesson. Just let the ladies at the front desk know. (In the second half of the year this is no longer possible because each of the classes will be learning a different routine for the concert.

05      Is there an end of year concert?

In 2020 we are holding a very special Ready Set Dance concert for just our Tiny Tots. The date and location will be confirmed soon. Tickets will be available for parents, friends and relatives to come and watch. For the Ready Set Dance concerts the adult tickets range from $38.50 to $56.50 and $35.00 for children aged between 4-15. Performers won't require a ticket.

06      What do they wear?

The gorgeous READY SET DANCE uniform is available at the Commotion Shop. The leotard tutu is $45 and the boys t-shirt and shorts pack is $45. We have a full range of sizes in stock.


For READY SET DANCE classes the kids will need black Jazz shoes and black buckle Tap shoes. For READY SET BALLET the student will require Ballet shoes.


We have these for sale at the Commotion Shop for your convenience, or you may choose to buy them from any dance specialty store.


(If this is your child’s time doing dancing, you may like to wait a few weeks to make sure they really love it before ordering uniform and dance shoes. It’s perfectly ok for the kids to wear no shoes and their regular clothes to class during the first few weeks.)


07      Are there any extra costs?

There is a costume levy of $60 for Ready Set Ballet, and $100 for Ready Set Dance which will cover your child's costume hire for the end of year concert, this is invoiced with your fees so that it is already paid by concert time. Apart from your dance fees, and the initial costs of the uniform, there are no other costs until Term 4, at which point there will be a concert performers fee of $79 (which will include a t-shirt, medal, concert video and professional photo.)


08      How many kids are there in each class?

This will vary depending on the teacher, and which room the class is held in. Most of our classes will have less than 18 students. We want to make sure that every child has the best possible dancing experience at Commotion and gets plenty of interaction with the teachers.


09      How do I enrol?

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Studio Director Ben Stokes

Ph. 0401 023 732

 2/12 Sedgwick Street

Smeaton Grange NSW 2567