This year my sister Emily and her production company have taken over the videography, editing and post-production of the concert due to obvious limitations to my time. This has been a big relief for me and has allowed me to take on additional projects like the renovations at the studio. Over the last 3 months Emily has been working every day to edit the footage from the five concerts, and apply all the "film school" things that I've never even known was a thing, like colour correction etc. The five concerts are now edited and ready. It's been a huge job, and she has put a lot of work into making it look great for everyone to enjoy (forever).


In an era where DVDs (invented in 1995) are no longer relevant, because they are old inferior technology - and 90% percent of entertainment and media is streamed (like Netflix, Stan, Disney+ etc.) dance studios around the world are looking to new solutions for the delivery and distribution of their performance videos. After much research and consulting, we found the best platform to provide streaming services of our concert videos. We have worked with Vimeo to have our [over 130] routine videos published in HD on their servers.

The benefits of our concert being available for streaming on Vimeo include: It can be played on any smart TV through the Vimeo app, which can be downloaded easily if not already installed on your device. It can be watched at home or on the go by kids, teens and parents on any of their devices - like tablets, phones, laptops etc. It can be easily shared via a link, with family and friends no matter where they are in the world. Our videos are set up in a "showcase" which is like a playlist, so that we can still all easily watch all the routines from the concert (or still easily skip to our favourites). On the Vimeo website each video can be downloaded in HD for you to store and back-up locally on your hard drive (or even put onto USB, or burn to DVD if you still have a disc drive). Vimeo is like YouTube - it's accessible from pretty much anywhere.


IF you live in a rural area with limited internet, or if your household hasn't adopted the "streaming lifestyle" yet and you are unable to download the Vimeo app to your TV (it comes standard with many TVs and smart boxes), then my sister has offered to manually transfer the files across to a USB thumb drive or a portable hard drive for you, as a favour - however due to the number of routines and the size of the files, it must be 64gig or more. There are too many routines to fit onto a 32gig drive. If you need this option, please bring a USB or hard drive to reception labelled clearly and we will have it ready for you within 3-7 days.

Due to the number of routines, it would be impossible for us to create a DVD version of the concert. It would have to be 7 discs to fit it all on, and would represent another week of production to author the menus, produce and duplicate them - which obviously isn't viable, especially since the majority of people no longer use a DVD player.

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