The studio has been buzzing with excitement over the last few weeks, with so many new families joining the Commotion community. We would like to officially welcome all of the new students and their families.

Those who have been coming to Commotion for a few years now, will know that the foyer (and car park) are always exceptionally busy during the first few weeks, but it ALWAYS calms down by the end of February. More and more parents choose to drop-off their children, and/or car pool.

The parking has been particularly difficult this year because of the construction work happening at Magdalene across the road. This is due to be completed soon, and will avail additional parking spots.

I always like to remind the Commotion parents, that even if you have to park a minute walk away from the studio door - it's not dissimilar from parking at Narellan Town Centre then walking to a specific shop. We are fortunate to have a large and wide street with driveways only on one side, so we are grateful to have so much street parking available.

One thing that is REALLY IMPORTANT, is that no one should park on the grass strip outside of our (or our neighbour's) gates. This blocks safe view of the oncoming traffic for anyone leaving our car park - and it is against the law. In addition, our neighbours get upset with us because it kills the grass. Please remember not to park on the grass.

We also ask parents to please take extreme caution in our car park for the safety of our students. Please don't double park, or block the driveways.

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