March 29, 2021


It's almost the end of Term One. Just a reminder that this term is a bit funny with the calendar due to an early Easter. Because of Good Friday and Easter Saturday, but we're starting back early next term to make it up.

Term One finishes on Thursday 1st April

Classes don't run during the school holidays

Term Two begins on Friday 16th April


Please be sure to put these dates in your calendar.


This week at Commotion it's BRING-A-FRIEND WEEK! One of our most fun and exciting traditions here at Commotion, from Friday the 26th March to Thursday 1st April students are encouraged to bring a friend with them to their classes. This is for any of our recreational classes (including Acro, Singing and Drama) as well as any of our pre-school classes.

Students will be handed an invitation in class at Commotion which they can fill out (with your help) and give to a friend. We recommend selecting a friend that a similar (within a year or two) age. Click here to download a copy if your child didn't get one. 


During BRING-A-FRIEND WEEK we just need all "friends" to sign into the guest book at reception and get a name tag so that we can keep track of who is at the studio.

It's going to be loads of fun, with prizes, special partner choreography and an exciting vibe at the studio.

The big new bonus though, is that if the friend your child brings happens to LOVE their time at Commotion and decides to enrol with us for Term Two, YOU will get a gift of $50 credit on your account, and they will get a free Commotion t-shirt. (Provided they stay for at least one full term.)


We now have an app on the APP STORE. It's a wonderfully convenient, completely free application that connects you to your Dance Studio Pro account and links to frequently used pages on our website such as Active/Creative Kids vouchers etc.

Some of the features of the app include:

  • Access your DSP account and pay your dance fees

  • Studio calendar

  • Report an absence

  • Add classes to your child's enrolment

  • Submit Active/Creative Kids vouchers

  • See your child's weekly schedule of classes

Search on App Store or Google Play for Commotion.

**When you first open it, be sure to select the "accept notifications" option so that when we send out important information you get it delivered straight to your phone.


We've got our concerts and photo shoots booked in. All our concert info and important dates are available on our website at but here are the main ones for you to add to your calendar. 

Thursday 1st April - Last day of Term One

Friday 16th April - Term Two commences

Monday 14th June - Queen's Birthday (classes WILL run as normal)

Saturday 26th June - Last day of Term Two

Monday 12th July - Term Three commences

Saturday 18th September - Last day of Term Three

Saturday 18th September - Commotion 20th Anniversary Gala @ Camden Civic Centre

Monday 4th October - Term Four commences

Saturday 6th November - Lil' Kidz + 6/u Photo Day @ Commotion

Sunday 7th November - Preschooler Photo Day @ Commotion

Sunday 14th November - Drama and Singing Concert @ Bankstown Sports

Sunday 14th November - Ballet Concert (RAD Grade 1 and up) @ Bankstown Sports

Sunday 28th November - Pre-Schoolers + Lil' Kidz Concerts @ Penrith Panthers 

Saturday 4th December - Recreational classes (ages 7+) Photo Day

Sunday 5th December- Troupe Photo Day (8/u to Senior)

Saturday 11th December- Recreational + Troupe concerts @ NIDA

Saturday 18th December - Last day of Term Four

Sunday 19th December - Commotion beach party 


You can report an absence on our new app, or inside the parent portal on our website. And for recreational students, you can organise a makeup class. In most cases we have multiple sessions of each type of class in the weekly schedule, so your child can attend any of the other classes as a makeup lesson. You can request a make up lesson by emailing


Please understand that towards the end of the year this is more difficult because each of the classes learn a different routine for the concert. There's also a maximum of 3 make up lessons per class per term. 


Is your little one obsessed with dancing, loving their classes and wishing they could do more? We've been receiving a number of enquiries this week from parents looking to add classes to their child's enrolment for Term Two. This is fantastic, because we offer so many different styles of dance at Commotion, and each one has unique benefits. 

If you would like to add a class to your child's enrolment, you can do it easily through the online portal, or our new app. Or alternatively, give us a call and we can help you over the phone. 


Over the last week our Ready Set Dance and Ready Set Ballet teachers have been giving our special milestone cards. We will be continuing this fun tradition each term. It's a great way for the young students to feel rewarded for their progress and have goals that they can work towards. In Term Two we'll also be giving out milestone cards for skills learned in AcroKidz. 

Congratulations to all of our awesome preschoolers on your accomplishments so far. The teachers are so proud of how far many of our 2, 3 and 4 year olds have come in just a couple of months. We look forward to seeing their confidence grow and their skills develop throughout the year. 


Once a year we do something that is every die-hard dancer's ultimate dream... ALL-YOU-CAN-DANCE WEEK!!! First week back of Term Two is our complete dance classes buffet. Every student is invited and encouraged to try as many new classes as they would like to, for FREE! It's your child's chance to see what an acting class is like, or to enjoy the fun of an Acro class. Borrow some Tap shoes and give it a try, or step up as a superstar in our Singing classes. Any class that's available for your child's age group... they can do. It's a fun, no-pressure way for our students to experience all facets of the performing arts. So start planning now, what new classes are you going to try?


We've emailed out the account statements for Term Two. Fees can be paid through the portal, via the app, over the phone with card, or in person with EFTPOS or cash. Term Two fees are due by the end of first week back. If you've set up a direct debit for the whole year, you don't need to do anything. 

We are offering a 5% discount for cash payments if made by the end of the first week. This isn't always available for every term, but we've had a few requests for it and so we're offering again for Term Two. 


It's been awesome seeing so many of our Lil' Kidz students in their new uniforms. They look great, and so professional. For those who haven't yet purchased their uniform for Lil' Kidz classes, they are available at our shop. They're $55 for the two piece set. 

Since they've been so popular and well-loved by our Lil' Kidz, we're now encouraging any Junior students (ages 7 to 9) to wear the new Commotion uniform too. It's not compulsory for this age group, but it's a fantastic option to consider. They look cool, they're easy for the kids to dance in - and (from what we've heard) it makes life a little bit easier for parents not having to choose another outfit.


This week to celebrate the end of term and Easter, we're inviting the parents into the classroom for the last 10 minutes of each of our READY SET DANCE and READY SET BALLET classes. The students will be demonstrating some of their fun routines.