(These classes are for children born in 2013 or 2014)





Recreational Stream

Performance Stream

RECREATIONAL STREAM classes available include Jazz, Hip Hop, Ballet, Lyrical/Contemporary, Acrobatics, Tap, Singing, and Acting. There are no set levels for Recreational classes – they are open to everyone regardless of whether or not the student is experienced or starting out as a beginner. Through dance and performing arts we develop skills, build confidence and most importantly… have fun. Recreational classes perform just once per year, at the big Commotion end of year concert.

Our 6/under TROUPE is for young dancers who show great promise and who are interested in taking their dance training to the next level, learning a variety of different styles and having multiple performance opportunities throughout the year including Royal Easter Show, Camden Show, various eisteddfods and competitions, local events etc. If you're interested in joining our 2020 PERFORMANCE STREAM please call our director Ben Stokes on 0402119073


What's on the menu?


The coolest dance class in town! Lil’ Kidz Jazz / Hip Hop incorporates all the very best of Jazz and Hip Hop into a  specially designed class that is fun for boys and girls. The class starts with a high energy, fast-paced warm-up followed by kicks, skips, turns and jumps from the corner. Then the students learn funky choreography, with new steps introduced each week to develop their Jazz technique and their repertoire of movements. Every child is encouraged and celebrated. The students get opportunities to improvise and perform in class for each other. Every class ends with a fun dance game. The Lil’ Kidz Jazz/Hip Hop class will also learn a routine throughout the year, which they will get to perform at our end of year concert.


Shoes required: Black slip on Jazz shoes (available from our dance shop for $55)



Shuffles, knocks, toe-heels, pick ups… Tap fun for kids, because they get to make noise with their feet. Our Lil’ Tappers classes develop coordination, balance and rhythmic timing. Tap technique is carefully taught to set up our students with a strong foundation for Tap. The students get to work through a great variety of Tap styles from Broadway to Stomp. Sometimes props are used such as hats and canes, or rhythm sticks.


Shoes required: Black buckle Tap shoes (available from our dance shop for $65)



Does your child love to sing and perform? Our Lil’ Glee Club is where budding Musical Theatre superstars are made. This exciting class is all about Music, Singing, Acting and Dance. The students learn scales, and a variety of fun songs and they also get to improvise acting scenes that encourage imagination and creative thinking. This class develops confidence, even in the shyest of kids. Every week is different, with new games, activities, props and challenges. Students get to play dress up, work with puppets and even take turns with the microphone. Throughout the year the class will focus on a few different songs and will get to select one to perform at their concert.


Who says Ballet can’t be fun? Commotion brings a unique approach to the training of our Lil’ Ballerinas.

A solid technique foundation is developed through carefully constructed exercises on the barre and in the centre, however pop ballads are used, so that the children can relate to the music. Performance and expression are also a big focus, as well as musicality. Sometimes, fun props are used as part of the class as training tools to demonstrate certain shapes and movements. In addition to Classical Ballet, the students are introduced to some basic Lyrical choreography which is incorporated into their end of year concert routine.

Shoes required: Pink Ballet shoes (available from our dance shop for $38)



One of our most popular classes is Acrobatics. The new Lil’ Acro Kidz program is all about the students achieving their own personal goals in class. After a fun warm up and stretch, our students will work through a series of exercises down the tumbling mat, each designed to familiarise them with Acrobatic techniques and foundation movements for more complex tricks as they become more capable. The students work on handstands, cartwheels, bridges, forward rolls and many more acrobatic skills.

Shoes required: None. Students have bare feet for this class.


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