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The highlight of most students' dancing year is their Commotion Concert. Our end of year concerts are a massive showcase that all students get the opportunity to perform in. Why is it so important? It’s your child’s chance to shine on stage, to perform for their friends and family, and show how much they have improved over the year. Every dancer needs an audience. The Commotion Concerts provide a truly memorable and magical stage experience that celebrates the dedication, talent and achievements of every single student.

We are grateful to be able to provide this performance opportunity for our students, after such a tumultuous year. Here is your complete information guide to our 2020 CONCERT SERIES:

Commotion Concert Kit Why.jpg

This year there will be 6 concerts over two days. We're excited that all of them will be held at the absolutely gorgeous Evan Theatre at Panthers World of Entertainment on Mulgoa Road Penrith. The huge theatre there holds 900 (normally, though only 450 under Covid restrictions). The lighting and sounds is brilliant, and there's a great view from every single seat in the audience thanks to tiered seating and an intimate layout. We know you're going to LOVE seeing your kids dance in this awesome theatre.


Here is a breakdown of which classes will be performing in which concert.

CONCERT #1 - Sunday 29th November at 10:00am

PERFORMER ARRIVAL TIME: 8:30am (7:30am for 10/u to Senior Troupe)


MONDAY 9:20AM Ready Set Dance (3 & 4) - Jazz and Tap

MONDAY 9:50AM Ready Set Ballet (2 & 3)

MONDAY 10:30AM Ready Set Dance (2 & 3) - Jazz and Tap

MONDAY 10:30AM Ready Set Ballet (3 & 4)

MONDAY 5:30PM Ready Set Ballet (3 & 4)

MONDAY 6:00PM Ready Set Dance (3 & 4) - Jazz and Tap

TUESDAY 9:15AM Ready Set Dance (2 & 3) - Jazz and Tap

TUESDAY 9:15AM Ready Set Ballet (3 & 4)

TUESDAY 9:45AM Ready Set Dance (3 & 4) - Jazz and Tap

TUESDAY 10:15AM Ready Set Ballet (2 & 3)

THURSDAY 4:15PM Ready Set Ballet (3 & 4)

THURSDAY 4:45PM Ready Set Dance (3 & 4) - Jazz and Tap

Guest performances by 10/u Troupe

Guest performances by 12/u Troupe

Guest performances by 14/u Troupe

Guest performances by Senior Troupe

CONCERT #2 - Sunday 29th November at 1:30pm


WEDNESDAY 5:45PM Pre-School Transition Class

THURSDAY 9:20AM Ready Set Dance (3 & 4) - Jazz and Tap

THURSDAY 10:30AM Ready Set Dance (2 & 3) - Jazz and Tap

THURSDAY 10:30AM Ready Set Ballet (3 & 4)

FRIDAY 9:20AM Ready Set Dance (3 & 4) - Jazz and Tap

FRIDAY 9:50AM Ready Set Ballet (2 & 3)

FRIDAY 10:30AM Ready Set Dance (2 & 3) - Jazz and Tap

FRIDAY 10:30AM Ready Set Ballet (3 & 4)

SATURDAY 8:30AM Ready Set Dance (3) - Jazz and Tap

SATURDAY 9:00AM Ready Set Ballet (4)

SATURDAY 9:30AM Ready Set Dance (4) - Jazz and Tap

SATURDAY 9:30AM Ready Set Ballet (3)

SATURDAY 10:00AM Ready Set Ballet (2)

SATURDAY 10:30AM Ready Set Dance (2) - Jazz and Tap

SATURDAY 10:30AM Ready Set Dance (3 & 4) - Jazz and Tap

Guest performances by 6/u Troupe

Guest performances by 12/u Troupe

Guest performances by 14/u Troupe

Guest performances by Senior Troupe

CONCERT #3 - Sunday 29th November at 6:00pm

PERFORMER ARRIVAL TIME: 4:30pm (3:30pm for 6/u Troupe)

TUESDAY 4:15PM Lil' Lyrical Ballerinas

TUESDAY 5:00PM Lil' Kidz Jazz / Hip Hop

WEDNESDAY 4:00PM Lil' Lyrical Ballerinas

WEDNESDAY 4:00PM Lil' Boyz Hip Hop

WEDNESDAY 4:45PM Lil' Tappers

WEDNESDAY 5:30PM Lil' Kidz Jazz / Hip Hop

THURSDAY 4:50PM Pre-Primary / Primary RAD Ballet 

FRIDAY 5:50PM Lil' Lyrical Ballerinas

FRIDAY 6:40PM Lil' Kidz Jazz / Hip Hop

SATURDAY 9:00AM Lil' Kidz Jazz / Hip Hop

SATURDAY 9:45AM Lil' Lyrical Ballerinas

SATURDAY 10:30AM Lil' Tappers

6/u Lyrical Troupe

6/u Contemporary Troupe

6/u Hip Hop Troupe

6/u Jazz Troupe

6/u Tap Troupe

6/u Musical Theatre 

Guest performances by 8/u Troupe

Guest performances by 12/u Troupe

Guest performances by 14/u Troupe

Guest performances by Senior Troupe

CONCERT #4 - Sunday 13th December at 10:00am

PERFORMER ARRIVAL TIME: 8:00am (7:30am for 8/u to Senior Troupe)

WEDNESDAY 4:45PM Junior Boys Hip Hop

WEDNESDAY 6:00PM Junior Recreational Jazz

WEDNESDAY 6:45PM Junior Recreational Hip Hop

WEDNESDAY 7:30PM Junior Recreational Lyrical

THURSDAY 5:45PM Junior Recreational Hip Hop

THURSDAY 6:30PM Junior Recreational Jazz

FRIDAY 4:00PM Junior Recreational Hip Hop

FRIDAY 4:50PM Junior Recreational Lyrical / Contemporary 

FRIDAY 5:50PM Junior Recreational Jazz

FRIDAY 6:40PM Junior Recreational Hip Hop

SATURDAY 9:00AM Junior Recreational Hip Hop

SATURDAY 9:45AM Junior Recreational Jazz

SATURDAY 10:30AM Junior Recreational Lyrical

Guest performances by 8/u Troupe

Guest performances by 10/u Troupe

Guest performances by 12/u Troupe

Guest performances by 14/u Troupe

Guest performances by Senior Troupe

CONCERT #5 - Sunday 13th December at 1:00pm


MONDAY 7:15PM Intermediate Recreational Hip Hop

MONDAY 8:00PM Senior Recreational Hip Hop

TUESDAY 4:50PM Intermediate / Pre-senior Tap 

TUESDAY 5:40PM Intermediate Recreational Hip Hop

TUESDAY 6:30PM Intermediate Recreational Jazz

TUESDAY 6:30PM Senior Recreational Lyrical & Contemporary

TUESDAY 6:30PM Pre-Senior Recreational Hip Hop

TUESDAY 7:20PM Pre-Senior Recreational Jazz

TUESDAY 7:20PM Intermediate Recreational Lyrical & Contemporary 

TUESDAY 7:20PM Senior Recreational Hip Hop

TUESDAY 8:10PM Senior Recreational Jazz

TUESDAY 8:10PM Pre-Senior Recreational Lyrical & Contemporary

THURSDAY 7:15PM Intermediate Recreational Hip Hop

THURSDAY 8:00PM Intermediate Recreational Jazz

FRIDAY 4:00PM Intermediate Recreational Jazz

FRIDAY 4:50PM Intermediate Recreational Hip Hop

FRIDAY 6:40PM Intermediate Lyrical / Contemporary

Guest performances by 8/u Troupe

Guest performances by 10/u Troupe

Guest performances by 12/u Troupe

Guest performances by 14/u Troupe

Guest performances by Senior Troupe

CONCERT #6 - Sunday 13th December at 7:00pm


All routines for 8/u Troupe - including new routines

All routines for 10/u Troupe - including new routines

All routines for 12/u Troupe - including new routines

All routines for 14/u Troupe - including new routines

All routines for Senior Troupe - including new routines
RAD Ballet routines for Grade 1 and above

Guest performances by 6/u Troupe

NxT & Snackpack 

Screen Shot 2020-10-09 at 11.02.55 pm.pn


The audience is such an important part of the concert experience. For a young dancer, nothing is more thrilling than hearing the roar of an enthusiastic crowd applauding, feeling proud of their accomplishments knowing that their family have come to watch, cheer and show their support. Those who have been to our concerts before will tell you that a Commotion dance concert is like nothing else. Our aim is to create outstanding entertainment and spectacular production. 


For the first time ever, after 19 years, we are going to try an online ticket purchasing process. We have received numerous requests for this, and given the current climate, 2020 seems like the right year to do so. Tickets sales open on Sunday 8th November. We have scattered the times for each concert to go on sale to help avoid site traffic issues, and in fairness to those who need to purchase tickets to multiple shows. 

The link will be posted a few days before tickets go on sale, along with a step-by-step instruction guide with screenshots to help make the process as easy as possible for everyone. For anyone not comfortable purchasing tickets online, parents will also be able to order tickets at reception from Monday 9th November, and we can accept cash or EFTPOS. 

The main reason we changed our venue this year to Penrith Panthers is because it has a much higher seating capacity than our regular venues, and theatres ARE still limited to 75% capacity by the current NSW Covid-safe restrictions. But even with the bigger venue, and more concerts than usual, seating is limited. After the first 14 days of sale, if there are still tickets available we will open these up to anyone wishing to purchase additional tickets. 

Another first for us, this year under advice from our new venue, we are offering tiered ticket pricing. Just like for a professional show, families will be able to choose from a range of seating options to suit their budget. Please note, the average ticket price works out about the same as the last four years. 

Economy $37.99

Standard $47.99

B-reserve $57.99

A-reserve $69.99

Due to extremely limited seating (as a result of government Covid restrictions), unfortunately we will not be able to provide child or aged-pensioner discounts this year. It just isn't possible with the high venue costs.



Rather than making parents to buy expensive dance costumes that will be used once and then gather dust in a wardrobe, at Commotion we provide a costume hire service. Each student is charged $60 per class as a costume levy (or $100 for Ready Set Dance because there are two routines for these classes, a Jazz and a Tap.)


We are very proud to say that the costume levy price has not increased in 4 years, despite many costs rising. We understand that family budgets are tight, and we do everything we can to provide super high quality costumes at an affordable price. For those who are new to Commotion, it's important to know that your costume levy helps to cover not just the costs of the costume itself, but also costume department staff, shopping, shipping, accessories, props, planning, storage, cleaning, fitting, depreciation, wear and tear and alterations. There are thousands of costumes each year in our concerts, and it's a mammoth job to coordinate them all. It is thanks to our incredible costume manager Bec Sheraton, and the generous assistance from parent volunteers that we are able to continue to provide such high-quality costumes for such a low cost to our students (compared with other dance schools).

The costume hire levy is usually charged with your term fees throughout the year, broken down into four payments of $15 per class (to add up to the $60 total) – however because we weren’t able to run classes in Term 2 due to Covid, we are yet to charge for the final 25% of the costume levy. This will need to be paid at reception prior to pick up of the costumes. It will be a final $15 per class (or $25 for RSD). 


Costumes will be available for pick up during the week before each age group's photo shoot day. We will announce specific details on the Commotion Community Facebook group. Please note that parents will need to come in to pick the costumes up - we don't give them to the students. This is because we need the costumes signed for, and a costume pick up slip filled out. Please also note that costumes cannot, and will not, be given if there are any outstanding fees owing. Term four fees including the concert performers pack must be finalised before pick-up.


Your child will bring their costumes to their photo shoot day, which this year is also a DRESS REHEARSAL. Then they will need to be packed up neatly ready for them to bring with them on concert day. At the end of the concert, our backstage carers will collect all costumes (except for Troupe costumes, which we collect back at the studio).



Every performer in any of our end of year concerts will need a Concert Performer Pack, as mentioned in our 2020 INFO PACK from the beginning of this year. This includes:


>> Digital download and streaming of concert videos from ALL concerts

>> Limited-edition 2020 Commotion singlet (to wear on concert day)

>> A medal to celebrate their year with Commotion

>> A certificate of participation

>> One HD digital photo from the photo shoot


The cost is $79 per performer. Families with multiple performers pay $79 for their eldest, and $49 for each child thereafter. This payment can be paid any time in Term 4, but must be paid prior to costume pick up (the week leading up to each age group's photo shoot). This fee can only be paid in-person at reception, and cash is preferred.

This year we are not requiring our READY SET DANCE and READY SET BALLET performers to get a singlet. They will wear their READY SET DANCE uniform to the concert, and on stage for the Finale. We will be taking $24 off their Performer Pack, making it $55. For any pre-school dancers who would like to order the singlet as an optional item, we can restore their Performer Pack to the $79 price upon request. The singlets come as small as a size 2 kids. 

Singlet size samples will be available FROM WEEK 2 for students try on at reception. We need everyone's  sizes by 8th of November so our manufacturer can make them in time for concert. 



Every year we hold a series of professional photo shoots at the studio so that our students can get high quality photos in their costumes to provide a keepsake commemorating their concert experience. We take individual photos and group photos, and also photos of friendship pairs and small groups at our students' request. After the first photo (which is included in the performer pack) additional can be purchased online for $15 each, or  $10 each if you purchase 10 or more.


Not only do parents end up with brilliant photos that they can share with family and friends - the other special benefit of the photo shoot is that the students get an opportunity to experience a real professional photo shoot, which just adds to the complete SUPERSTAR experience we want to create.

This year we will also be using our photo shoots to double as dress rehearsal. Attendance is compulsory. 


Here are the dates for the photo shoots. The full schedule of arrival times for each class is below. Those unable to make the photo shoot due to prior commitments can request a spot on an alternative photo shoot day by emailing reception@commotion.com.au


Saturday 21st November - Lil' Kidz photo shoot 

Sunday 22nd November - READY SET DANCE & READY SET BALLET photo shoot

Saturday 5th December - Recreational classes photo shoot 

Sunday 6th December – Troupe photo shoot


All the photo shoots are held at Commotion.

Click here to see the Photo Shoot arrival times for 2020.



Our number one aim is to make every child's concert experience an exciting and magical adventure, and a positive memory that they can treasure forever. This will be our 19th year of putting on spectacular concerts and with many years of learning and experience we have developed a backstage management system that minimises stress for our students, and maximises efficiency and child safety. 


Every child is allocated a backstage group. For our youngest students these groups are very small with approximately 6 in each group. As the students get older, and a little more self-sufficient, their backstage groups get bigger. Each group has its own BACKSTAGE CARER. The carers are experienced and trusted mums of our Troupe kids, Commotion teachers and graduates. 


For our Ready Set Dance and Lil' Kidz concerts we also have a buddy system with our Troupe students, and they absolutely LOVE helping the little ones backstage and sharing the magic of their special day. The groups list will be published a few weeks before concert. 


On concert day, upon arrival the parents will SIGN IN their child with the backstage carer. Parents are then encouraged to get something to eat in the club, while our backstage carers and staff help the performers get ready for the show. To avoid congestion backstage, ensure the safety of our students, and to maintain efficiency, parents are not permitted in the theatre or dressing rooms unless they are an official allocated backstage carer volunteer.


The backstage carer will look after their group from sign in, right up until after the concert when each parent meets the carer at the designated pick up point and signs out. Whilst in our care, the students are supervised and stay as a group. The dressing rooms are large communal spaces, and we have additional supervisors and teachers who help to manage and oversee all of the groups. There's always plenty of kind, helpful and experienced people to ensure that every child is being looked after and made to feel like the SUPERSTAR they are on their spectacular concert day. In the rare case of a student getting very upset, our backstage carers call the parent to come to meet them at the dressing room door.


If your child suffers from severe separation anxiety, please email reception@commotion.com.au so that alternative arrangements can be made to accommodate any special needs.


We're proud that we have a 100% success rate of all students (even our 2 year olds) getting on stage, braving their nerves, and showing their family how wonderfully capable and talented they are. We know that it can be daunting to trust a stranger with your child, which is why we have systems in place to help parents feel comfortable with the process. Our backstage carers post photos from backstage throughout the day onto the Commotion Community Facebook group. Our lovely teachers help to greet each student, and check in with them throughout the day. And we have colouring in pages and other activities

to keep our youngest students occupied whilst waiting backstage.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding our backstage management system, please feel free to call our studio director Ben on 0402 119 073 or email ben@commotion.com.au


For Concert #6 - (the Troupe concert), there are no backstage groups. Parents of Troupe students under 12 will be responsible for arranging someone to help manage fast costume changes.


For the Ready Set Dance and Ready Set Ballet students, the prescribed hairstyle is what we like to call a "Pollyanna" - which is half up / half down, with the hair curled. It looks gorgeous on stage, and keeps the dancer's hair off their face during the performance. We will have a video tutorial posted on the Commotion Community group later this term. The make up for pre-school girls is 100% optional, but we do suggest a bit of of red lipstick and some base and blush to help them not look washed out under the bright lights and help their expressions pop on stage under the bright lights. 


For all other concerts the hair is "own choice". Any hair style is ok, and the objective is for each performer to have the opportunity to express their individuality. No matter what style is chosen, it should be extremely neat, and styled to last the entire day. This is your child's opportunity to look like a pop star on  stage. Hair elastics should be matched to hair colour - so as not to clash with costumes.


The recommended make up is skin-matched foundation, subtle blush, red (true red) lipstick, black eye liner, black mascara and soft neutral coloured eye-shadow. We will post some additional information and tutorials for stage make up on the Facebook group in the lead up to the concert, as well as a list of hair style ideas for those who are looking for inspiration. 


At all concerts, the students need arrive with their hair and make up done. We also require students to be in performance full hair and make up for the photo shoot days at the studio.



What clothing does my child arrive in on concert day?

All students need to arrive in the outfit they will be wearing for the FINALE.


Ready Set Dance and Ready Set Ballet students wear their uniform, with their tan stockings on (we will provide every girl with a FREE brand new pair of these stockings along with their costumes). Black Jazz shoes should be worn - or alternatively, Ballet shoes if they only do Ready Set Ballet.


All other students wear their new Commotion 2020 black singlet, which will be available for pick up along with costumes the week before photo shoot. Girls will need to wear a crop top under their singlet, because of the open-sleeve style design. This crop top MUST be black, white or in the official Commotion colours. This is worn with "own choice" leggings, shorts, trackies, pants etc. that are black and/or the official Commotion colours. Footwear is also own choice, but again needs to be black, white and/or Commotion colours.

We will be filming throughout the whole day, for a series of short documentary-style videos going behind the scenes of a Commotion concert - so it's important to us that all of our students arrive ready. 

Commotion Colours smaller.jpg

Do I have to purchase a ticket for my 2 year old child?

Children under the age of 3 will not require a ticket IF they are able to sit on their parents' lap. If they are older than 2 they will require their own seat and will be counted by venue staff as adding to the total number of people allowed in the audience - and therefore will need a ticket. Performers will not require a ticket for their own concert, because they will be backstage with their group leader.


I'm worried that my pre-schooler won't cope backstage for a few hours without me, or I'm concerned because they have a major medical condition, what should I do?

Email reception@commotion.com - we can make exceptions to our backstage procedures if necessary if it is in the best interest of the student. Parents of students still in nappies should stay close, as you will be "on call" if and when needed. 


What do I need to pack for concert day?

The students bring their costumes (which will be given to you prior to photo day), and whatever shoes are required for the performance. They should also pack some basic snacks (nothing messy, and nothing with peanuts - due to allergies) and some water. A small ziplock bag of makeup essentials is a great idea too, along with some safety pins, bobby pins and travel tissues plus perhaps a small can of hairspray and a comb.



We take very seriously the responsibility to produce an event that is safe for our studio community, and we are working closely with Panthers World of Entertainment to ensure that everything we do is within the current NSW Covid-safe restrictions and following recommended guidelines. 

Some of the things that we are doing include:

  • Only being allowed to sell tickets to 50% venue capacity

  • Removing every second seat

  • Ensuring hand sanitiser is available backstage and at the auditorium doors

  • Collecting all attendees information for easy and effective contact tracing 

  • Hiring additional dressing room spaces to ensure the 4sqm rule is followed backstage

  • Assigning marshalls specifically for coordinating backstage logistics

  • Cleaning the theatre between shows

  • Additional training for backstage volunteers

  • Audience members are welcome to wear a mask if they choose to

  • No sharing of food or makeup